Larry V. Pederson aka L.V. Pederson, is an Inventor and Author of The Worst Fear

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My roundabout way back to writing 

It's a well-worn cliché that great ideas come about in unexpected and mysterious ways. I'd like to believe my best ideas are never mere casual coincidence. Some of these inspiring and groundbreaking brainstorms have led me into  uncharted territory, and now they have brought me back to writing.

I am a... 

Screenwriter who became an Inventor & Entrepreneur, and 25 years later, I have found my way back to the written word – this time writing a

I am currently seeking representation.

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Latest Update: Oct01 2022

The Worst Fear”, a present-day psychological suspense thriller in the vein of “The Girl Who Lived” and “The President is Missing”.

A tormented young woman who lost her father on 9/11 when she was six suspects her charismatic new boss is the infamous lead hijacker whose DNA was never recovered at Ground Zero, only to discover she holds the key to helping a veteran FBI agent stop the next deadly attack.

The Worst Fear - A Pyschological Thriller Novel

A 'What If' thriller ignited by a kernel of truth

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I am often struck by an idea that creeps into my head, takes hold, and just won’t let go. 

That’s exactly what happened with this book. The idea hit me during one of my famously wild holiday parties, sparked by an animated discussion about the lead 9/11 hijacker – and a little-known fact about him that even I (who considered himself well-read on the subject) was not aware of. That then prompted the question: ‘What If…?’

I became obsessed with this historical tidbit, this tiny kernel of fact, about one of the most notorious villains of our time – and the question kept coming back.

As I dug deeper into the aftermath of 9/11, I began to learn more about the survivors and what they endured. I was especially affected by the heartbreaking accounts of the very young children who lost one or both parents on that tragic day.

From that provocative hook and those gut-wrenching emotions, the storyline for ‘The Worst Fear’ came to life and I had to write it.

My book is not a work of historical fiction. It is a contemporary psychological suspense thriller, with themes of loss, love, courage and survival woven into the story as the heroes race the clock and the plot thickens. At its core, it is a present-day tale of two wounded souls who find inner peace by wrestling with the Devil. 

Readers who were drawn to the unlikely heroine in 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', or who enjoyed peeling away the layers to solve the puzzle as they turned the pages in 'The Da Vinci Code', this might be the book for you.


What's Next?

Now that I have finished writing my first novel, what's next?

Latest Update: May 20 2022

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What's the Big Idea?

While I work on submissions, craft query letters and finesse the synopsis for ‘The Worst Fear’, I am considering a handful of big ideas for my next book.

It will almost certainly be something mysterious, with compelling characters, no shortage of suspense and thrills – and maybe, just maybe, it will be another 'What If' thriller.