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Blurb | The Sacrificial Lamb

The Sacrificial Lamb

A Mystery Thriller


Copyright © 2021 by Larry V. Pederson aka L.V.Pederson

Madison Cooper killed her father the day before she turned six, at least that’s how she saw it, and twenty years later, that’s still how it is, until...


On the surface, Madison is a bright and beautiful 25-year-old psychology grad with a sharp eye for detail and an intuition about others. Yet deep down, she is still that traumatized little girl plagued with guilt and self-doubt who can’t forgive herself for her father’s death on 9/11–


– Until she starts her new job at a Silicon Valley AI giant and meets her charismatic new VP boss Khan. The new life she’s trying to build quickly crumbles when she begins to suspect Khan is really Mohamed Atta, the infamous 9/11 hijacker who crashed her father’s plane – yet whose DNA was never found at Ground Zero. Madison has obsessed about Atta for years, and tries to find proof he is Khan, but her search proves increasingly treacherous and before she knows it, she’s caught between veteran FBI Agent Niles’ Hail Mary mission to avert a nationwide disaster,  and her high-flying boss Khan, who has a different agenda for her, all of which can get her killed.

This could be Madison’s chance for redemption, but what she does not understand is, why her.

The Sacrificial Lamb Excerpts






“The evil that men do lives after them; 
the good is oft interred with their bones.”

-- William Shakespeare,
 ‘Julius Caesar’; AD 1599 

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