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Blurb | The Sacrificial Lamb

The Sacrificial Lamb

A Thriller


Copyright © 2021 by Larry V. Pederson aka L.V.Pederson

25-year-old Madison may be bright and beautiful, but she’s spent the past 20 years blaming herself for her father's death. Eager to put her past behind her, she accepts a surprise job offer at a Silicon Valley AI giant, but the new life she tries to build quickly crumbles when she begins to suspect her charismatic Senior VP boss, Khan, is Mohamed Atta, the infamous hijacker who crashed her father’s plane – yet whose DNA was never found at Ground Zero.


Madison’s attempts to prove his true identity quickly become treacherous, and before she knows it, she is thrust into FBI Agent Niles Hail Mary mission to avert a nationwide disaster. This could be Madison’s chance to make things right, but first she will need to confront her demons, outsmart Khan, who has a different agenda for her, and provide the key for Niles to unlock his most cunning enemy’s diabolical plot, all of which can get her killed. Niles, a onetime jazz prodigy, is renowned for his unconventional approach to solving cases, but this time if he’s wrong, he will have Madison’s blood on his hands and the entire country may suffer the worst attack on its soil in decades.


None of them is prepared for how it will all end.

The Sacrificial Lamb Excerpts
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