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Thriller Novel - The Sacrificial Lamb  |  Blurb  

A few miles from the Know Inc. campus in a Palo Alto park, a young woman out for an evening jog turns up dead. Everyone assumes it was a hit-and-run. Little do they know, she has uncovered a piece of information that was worth killing her for.


One month later, Madison Maxwell, a recent psychology graduate, accepts a job offer as an executive assistant at Know, the Silicon Valley AI giant, and relocates from Boston, hoping to start fresh and put her past behind her. But the new life she’s trying to build takes a sudden dark turn when she discovers she’s replacing the hit-and-run victim, and her charismatic Senior VP boss, TJ Khan, begins to appear in her recurring nightmare. This leads Madison to notice Khan has the same distinctive smile as Mohamed Atta, the 9/11 hijacker who crashed her father’s plane twenty years ago. Madison, who has dreamt about Atta for years, and even wrote her college thesis on the hijacker, begins to question if it’s possible Khan really is Atta, whose DNA was never found at Ground Zero – or is she just losing her mind?

Madison’s attempt to prove she is right puts her on a collision course with veteran FBI agent Markus Niles, who reveals there is more to Khan than meets the eye. Suddenly Madison’s past, her fate and that of the nation, are much more connected to Khan and Know Inc. than she ever imagined – and in a way that could even get her killed.


Pencil with Eraser

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L.V. Pederson

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