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Thriller Novel - The Sacrificial Lamb  |  Blurb  

This will be the best thing that ever happened to you.” 


When Madison starts her first real job as an executive assistant at a Silicon Valley AI Giant, she has hopes to start afresh and put her troubled life in Boston behind her. But it is not to be. She is overtaken by anxiety when she learns the EA she’s replacing was killed in a hit-and-run, and her charismatic VP boss fills her with unease. He begins to evoke memories of someone from Madison's past, fueling her suspicion that he could be the devil responsible for her father’s tragic demise. But how could that be possible? That monster died in the plane crash that killed her dad along with two thousand people twenty years ago… 

Suddenly Madison’s ordinary and seemingly meaningless life is thrust into profound significance when her attempt to unmask the truth reveals secrets that are much bigger than her. Secrets that put her in imminent danger when she realizes she holds the key to unraveling a deadly scheme the FBI has been trying to crack. 

Nothing is what it seems – and the clock is ticking.


Pencil with Eraser

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L.V. Pederson

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